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Bitumen are the prepared from distillation of the crude oil and a mixture of many different additives, aggregates and binders for the formation of a sticky viscous black coloured semi-liquid that are used for the construction of hard surfaces such as roads, bridges, highways and floors of parking lots. 
Plastic Scrap
Plastic Scrap are generated during the manufacturing of various industrial and household components due to the machining and removal of excess materials from a raw piece. They can be easily melted by heating and to transform the result into different forms such as sheets, pipes etc. 
Copper Scrap
The offered scrap can be easily recycled for making different types of component parts such as wires, construction parts, electronic and electrical components such as motors, transformer coils or core and many more.
Aluminium Scrap
Our company supply Aluminium Scrap that are free from any impurities and chemical deposits by their time to time finishing and processing. We are capable to import and export such waste and recyclable materials in large quantities at reasonable price. 
Brass Scrap
Brass Scrap offered by us are collected from different parts and components of the machines such as kinematic arms, links, nuts, bolts and other mechanical objects. Buy from us these materials in bulk at a low price with an assurance of fast delivery. 
Battery Scrap
We also deals in the import and export of battery scrap which consist of external plastic cover, acid, metal terminals and the electrodes that are made up of conductive materials. Our company capable to supply and export bulk amounts of such components as per the demand of the customers. 
Lead Ingot
Lead Ingot are made from pure and top quality processed lead into different required shapes as per their applications such as bullets, fishing sinkers and various other components. These are manufactured using best quality materials and contains very less amount of sulphur, bismuth, and silver.
Fridge Compressors
Fridge Compressors are the crucial components of a refrigeration system which acts as both pump and a motor to circulate the highly compressed refrigerant throughout the flow channels to gain or lose heat from and out of the system to provide an efficient cooling.
Copper Wire
We are one of the leading supplier of Copper wires that are widely used for the manufacturing of electrical components such as coils of transformer, motor winding. These can also be used to make wires of different diameters by tightly braiding the thin strands of copper. 
Iron Scrap
Iron Scraps availed by us is treated with basic surface finishing treatments which makes them free from the corrosion, rust and deposits oils, acids etc. These can be reused by meting the waste in to molten form and converting them in different shapes and sizes. 

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Mr Vikas Kumar Agarwal (Managing Director)